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Step 1: Contact the Manufacturer Patient Assistance Program

Most brand name Specialty Medications have Patient Assistance Programs that can help guide you through this process. If you signed consent when the medication was prescribed for the Patient Assistance Program to reach out to you, they may have already called. If they haven’t this would be the first place you would want to call. For Uninsured patients, you will be directed straight to the manufacturer’s Patient Assistance Program.

See the list of Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs below:


  • Cinqair: Teva Support Solutions 1-844-838-2211
  • Dupixent: Dupixent MyWay 1-844-387-4936
  • Fasenra: Fasenra 360 1-833-360-4357
  • Nucala: Gateway to Nucala 1-844-468-2252
  • Xolair: Genentech Access Solutions 1-866-422-2377


  • Esbriet: Genentech Access Solutions 1-866-422-2377
  • Ofev: Open Doors 1-866-673-6366


  • Adcirca: Assist 1-877-864-8437
  • Adempas: AIM 1-855-423-3672
  • Letairis: Gilead 1-866-664-5327
  • Opsumit: Actelion Pathways 1-866-228-3546
  • Orenitram: Assist 1-877-864-8437
  • Remodulin: Assist 1-877-864-8437
  • Revatio: Pfizer 1-866-706-2400
  • Tracleer: Actelion Pathways 1-866-228-3546
  • Tyvaso: Assist 1-877-864-8437
  • Uptravi: Actelion Pathways 1-866-228-3546
  • Veletri: Actelion Pathways 1-866-228-3546
  • Ventavis: Actelion Pathways 1-866-228-3546


  • Glassia: One Path 1-866-888-0660
  • Prolastin: Proalstin Direct 1-800-305-7881
  • Zemaira: Zemaira CareZ 1-866-936-2472


  • HP Acthar Gel: Acthar Hub 1-888-435-2284


  • Arikayce: Arikares Support Program 1-833-274-5273
  • Bethkis: Chiesi CareDirect 1-888-865-1222
  • Cayston: Cayston Access Program 1-877-722-9786
  • Kalydeco: Vertex GPS 1-877-752-5933
  • Kitabis Pak:Kitabis Connect 1-844-548-2247
  • Orkambi: Vertex GPS 1-877-752-5933
  • Pulmozyme: Genentech Access Solutions 1-866-422-2377
  • Pancreaze: The Pancreaze Assistance Program 1-855-751-5540
  • Symdeko: Vertex GPS 1-877-752-5933
  • Tobi Podhaler: Podcare+ 1-877-999-8624

Step 2: Contact the Specialty Pharmacy

The Specialty Pharmacy will dispense the medication to be mailed to your home.  If you have tried the other steps and still have an unaffordable copay speak with the representative at the Specialty Pharmacy.  They may be able to direct you to other resources; some have in house patient assistance programs.  Ask to speak with their Patient Advocate if they have one.

See a list of Specialty Pharmacy contact information below:

  • Accredo/CuraScript/ExpressScripts: 1-866-344-4874
  • Briova/OptumRx: 1-855-856-0536
  • Cigna Tel-Drug: 1-855-326-7463
  • CVS/Caremark: 1-877-242-2738
  • Diplomat: 877-977-9118
  • Humana Specialty Pharmacy: 1-855-478-8405
  • Kroger Specialty Pharmacy: 855-802-3230
  • Walgreens/Medmark: 1-888-347-3416

Step 3: Reach out for Assistance other than Copay

If you had made attempts at obtaining help paying for your medication and are still under a financial burden, there is help out there.  Some of the Non-Profit Foundation can help with other cost such as travel to doctor’s appointment, help paying insurance premiums and support for your caregiver. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a social worker that can help put you in touch with assistance available in your specific county.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  


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